Things You Must Know About Exercise and Harm

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Last week I try to drill myself to exercise more and more than my previous attempt. However on Wednesday I was exhausted when I can only manage to jog 3 rounds of football field plus weightlifting training in the gym. Anyway I am still enjoy with my achievement.

Do you know everytime you exercise, chemicals known as endorphins releases by your brain that produce euphoria feeling. Without this rush, you’ll feel irritable and out of it till you exercise again.  Hence, you’ll go on exercising and not listen to what your body is actually telling you – which is to stop.

The main reason addicts will continue to push themselves consist in what will encounter when they don’t work out. Normally when they are unable to exercise, they will display signs of depression, anxiety, confusion, and be less happy with themselves.

Aches and injury

Over exercising doesn’t only affect the mind, but the body as well.  Exercise will initially do what it is intended to do, give you a fit body but once you cross the line however, it can drastic. Muscle injury, osteoarthritis, and heart problems will all be waiting in the wings if you remain to overdo it.  The body has limits and if you push beyond that limit, you’ll do nothing but harm yourself.

Obsessive exercise tends to effect among those who are new to exercise.  The obsession of getting fit and fitter will make them to put their body over the limits.

The initial signs of over exercise are exhaustion, which can result to a build up of fatigue.  Keep in mind, it isn’t only the muscles that are at risk, but the bones as well.  Many people who exercise drive themselves to the point of harms such as shin splints or even strain fractures, then refuse to rest, which causes bigger and sometimes even lasting damage.

Walk and brisk walk also exposed you to risk because walking too much will lead to athritis.  When you walk, you are working against gravity.  Even though you are exercising your muscles, you are also harming your knee joints as well.

Many people who walk up to an hour or more everyday end up with complaints of aches in the knees.  The fact is, jogging also hurts the knees, and too many sit ups can hurt as well.  As with any type of exercise, moderation is the key.

You should always start off gradually, and combine several different types of workouts, which is one thing that obsessive exercisers forget to do.  One of the greatest complication factors of people who get addicted to exercise is that they will tend  to perform the same workout each and every day, which further increases the risk of permanent damage.

Think right

Do not exercise until you feel completely exhausted. Your limit with exercise should be 45 minutes to an hour, four or five days a week.  When you are finished, your workout should leave you feeling strong and energetic.  Every week must make it a point to take a day’s break – as your body will need to relax and rejuvenate. I have try to put myself to exercise everyday; jog five rounds of football feel everyday without a break and suddenly I feel very tired and cannot focus. So to have a break is important.

The most important thing is your attitude and how you discipline yourself.  If you do it only to delight yourself, you’ll kill the entire purpose when you stand there on the weighing machine. Focus on what you want to achieve, is it cardio, stamina or muscle building.

If you take things one day at a time and don’t over do it, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy body.  Exercising can be a lot of fun and a way to relax, if you don’t rush it.  Start off slow and gradually work your way up.  Before you know it, you’ll know how to prevent injuries before they happen and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to stay on healthy. Exercise and work out in smart way and do not injure yourself.