Should I Leave My Job? Pt. 3

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This is Part 3 of Should I Leave My Job? article series where it will lay out 8 reason when you should quit.

  1. Your company has lost its purpose and you are no longer proud to be an employee there. Quit as you will be doing both yourself and the company a favour.
  2. Your relationship with your manager is damaged and beyond repair. You have tried really hard to mend the relationship but to no avail. Leave quickly but if possible, leave in good terms.
  3. Your life situation has changed. Perhaps you just had a baby, and the work culture does not suit your new lifestyle. Or perhaps your aspirations have changed.
  4. Your values are at odds with the company’s values and culture. Or if you are being ethically challenged. Whatever the issue, don’t stay in an organization where your values or integrity is compromised.
  5. For whatever reason, you have behave improperly at work. Or you’ve burnt bridges with peers. Or missed too many days of work, slacked off on the job, or developed the reputation of a loser. That reputation, once earned, is unlikely to change, so you might as well move on, while you have the opportunity.
  6. Your stress level is so high at work that it affects your health and relationships. If you are feeling burnt-out, find out first if the demands of your job have increased with fewer resources. You may just be drained out. In which case, it’s an issue of managing resources, not finding new job.
  7. You find yourself marginalised. Your manager, for reasons unbe-knownst to you, treats you like invisible person, not including you in important consultations or decisions. Don’t do anything until you talk to your boss to find out what’s going on. Your boss may also be silently urging you to leave, so if that’s the case, maybe you need to take the hint.
  8. You have stopped having fun at work. You dread going to work in the morning. Find out what the real reason you dread work. Is it boredom? Is it lack challenge? Or have you changed? Don’t leave just because you are bored. Try re-inventing your role. Leaving should be your last resort. But if you still cannot discover your love for the job, quit!

Quitting your job over unhappiness is a big no-no. If you are unhappy with other aspects of your life, it is easy to blame it on work. Do not expect work to bring you happiness if other aspects of your life are just calamitous.

Again sort out the real reason for your unhappiness and your job may turn great again. If it is really true that your happiness is caused by one of eight reasons outlined above, then quit. Otherwise, fix the real issue. There is saying: “Age wrinkles the body but quitting wrinkles the soul”

If you do work for a boss that provide toxic leadership and is a tyrant, and you are drained by the cut-throat and back-stabbing environment caused by his lack of leadership, then it is one big reason to quit. Business isn’t a democracy and you cannot change your boss. Quitting the is probably the right response.

That said, quitting should be an exception, not the rule,  in your career. Gaps on your resume are a red flag to employers. First, try meeting with career mentor, talking to HR, or transferring to another position at your company. Bear in mind that once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.

p/s: My reason is No. 3 🙂

Roshan Thiran is CEO of Leaderonomics, a social enterprise. He believes there is a time for everything, include quitting. Roshan laments the fact that most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They give up at the last minute of the game, one shot away from a winning goal.

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