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I got private health insurance last year when I moved to a new area and my neighbour told me about hers. I couldn’t believe how cheap the premiums were and how many extra benefits you can get. It made me realise I’m prepared to spend 50 quid on a night out (more a lot of the time) but when it comes to my health, taking shortcuts isn’t even the term for it – I just give it no consideration whatsoever. Until now!

I basically found out how it works from my neighbour who gets her health insurance from Aviva and when we were talking about it, I realised that it had been years, absolutely years since I had been to see a doctor. Like, even when I have been ill, I have not gone to see a doctor. And I just realised how stupid that is, because all the illnesses I’ve had have been symptoms of something serious but I’ve just ignored them. I have been checked and I am healthy, but it did make me realise that when it comes to your health, taking shortcuts is just foolish. At least now I know that if I ever do get ill I’ll get seen straight away. It’s peace of mind really. And with all the diseases floating around, I think it just makes good sense.

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