passed the MCSE 70-270

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hohoho…Firstly, i express my gratitude to Allah SWT.I have passed MCSE first paper 20-270. The 50 questions are quite OK, not really torturing my mind since i’ve been study the example question very well. Even the questions are scenario based, but it’s not like CCNA questions, really challenge me.

Today, Redzuan superbly done his exam in not more than 20 minutes and he got 969. Everybody shocked, because the rest of us just started in about 10 to 15 questions.

The passing mark is 700 and i got 905 from 1000. Unfortunately, I am the lowest. Nothing to lose, because now i am certified. Microsoft Certified Professional. hohoho… anyway still a lot to go.. six more paper.Everyday need to study to keep the pace.

Frankly, I felt really disappointed when failed the CCNA exam. I don’t know why I can’t do it since I got some confidence. Maybe it was just not enough preparation. I keen to to retake the CCNA exam but this time around money still the problem for me. RM570 for one CCNA retake and RM300 for one MCSE paper.
That’s why right now I doing some extra work to find some extra cash. I got paid for my writing “The Professionalism of Teachers”. But I will not always got the projects…

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