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On Monday, I had a football friendly. This match was held as preparation and indicator to our team capabilities before tournament in early June. I only taste the first half and after that I have been sideline. So this week no full time football. I got a few chances to score but wasted. I only can say the team still not solid for that tournament.The bad thing was, I started to feel my knee injury again. I am finished with glucosamine and stopped doing weight training to focus on cardio training.

But Tuesday was another great day to me. I bought glucosamine in the morning and in the evening I started my cardio training again. So yesterday I had 5 rounds of football field. Take a break and suddenly I had a chance to jog with ex-professional footballer. So I make another 5 rounds. Total I had 10 rounds of football field yesterday. It is a big achievement in my adult life. The last time I ever had 20 rounds of football field was back in 90’s.

I feel the different. I feel the fitness flowing into my body. The ex-professional footballer said to me that, during his time as a footballer he need to jog around 10km to keep fit for 90 minutes. So 5km jog will be enough to keep you stay for 45 minutes. Football field length is about 300m. So yesterday I only jog for about 3km. Damn! It’s a long way to go and I don’t have enough air to breathe.

But he also said, when you jog alone, the tendency to become bore is high so he told me to get companion. Companion will definitely motivates you.

Anyway, let’s try to achieve more. 20 rounds of football field is possible. It will make around 6km.


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