Fit and Fitter

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It’s seven days now and I only smoke two times. Is it amazing? For me it’s a victorious moment. For the last seven days, I involve in a lot of healthy activities except on Wednesday when it was heavy rain and and I couldn’t go to the gym.

Monday: Gym session. 15 minutes cycling. 15 minutes jogging. 10 minutes weigh lifting. Weigh lifting session primarily to fix my knee injury, so I focus on leg and calf exercise.

Tuesday: Jogging for 1.3km and 3 rounds of football field including sprint.

Wednesday: Heavy rain. No session.

Thursday: Jogging for 6 rounds of football field.

Friday: Off

Saturday: House spring cleaning and washing my car.

Sunday: One more day of house spring cleaning. Washing carpet. Washing my motorbike. Washing my dirty fan.

That’s conclude my last week. So this week I will start again with gym session today.