Excessive Fat and Monday Blues

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I hate running but it's best for cardio

Guess what I think when it comes Monday. Again, I need to exercise after two days break. Normally I don’t exercise on Saturday and Sunday. My bad habit is that I feel no time. On weekend, I feel that I should reward myself with “good food” or “a lot of food”. And the problem when it comes on Monday, I started looking on my belly. There are fat growing even though it’s not excessive one. But you know, I the fat growing always makes me scare.

Why should I scare? It is because, I will not in the first eleven selection in my football team. A few days break from exercise will make you heavy. Furthermore it you are not take a good food. Even though I am not a professional footballer, (I just play for a small club in a small league) I am afraid if I cannot run faster than before, I cannot dribble quickly and I cannot last long for 90 minutes. The coach will shout from outside and ask me to get out. That must be something wrong and I hate that.

Every Monday, normally no football training, I will push myself to go to gymnasium. I will do some cardio and weightlifting. One hour will make me sweat heavily. Normally I will start with riding a bike for 20 minutes, jogging on a treadmill for 20 minutes and weightliftling for 20 minutes.

I didn’t take any supplement and muscle builder milk. After exercising I always take fruits and having simple meal. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will have football training session. So, four days of exercise will make my body stay in a good shape.

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